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Diamond Core Drill

Tile Drill Bit Porcelain Stoneware Core Bit Diamond Blade Cup Wheel Set

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Tile Drill Bit Porcelain Stoneware Core Bit Diamond Blade Cup Wheel Set

Tile Drill Bit Porcelain Stoneware Core Bit Diamond Blade Cup Wheel Set. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Professional diamond – drill bits set. Quality at low prices. For dry drilling without water. The problem solver for tilers. 4 crowns per 35/40/50/68 mm. + 2 blades porcelain brand 125 mm. + 1 cup wheel Diewe concrete screed. Premium quality for pro’s. Stoneware, ceramic, hard tiles, granite slabs, marble slabs. Extra thin and Turbo-special edge. An extra fast, clean cut. For dry and wet cutting. Cutting-off wheels 125 mm (2 items). Diamond drill bits (1 each). Diameter: 125 mm -diameter: 35/40/50/68 mm – Bore: 22,23 mm. Segment height: 10 mm – Segment thickness: 1,2 mm. Diamond grinding Cup 125 mm (1 piece). Larger volumes and favorable price on request. You will of course be issued in your name invoice VAT. The item “Tile Drill Bit Porcelain Stoneware Core Bit Diamond Blade Cup Wheel Set” is in sale since Sunday, March 18, 2018. This item is in the category “Business, Office & Industrial\Power Tools\Drills\Drill Bits & Accessories\Drill Bits”. The seller is “trennscheibenwelt_de” and is located in Herne. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.
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Tile diamond hole core drill bits porsadrill set drilling porcelain 365 saw bit

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Tile diamond hole core drill bits porsadrill set drilling porcelain 365 saw bit

This 30 piece diamond cores tile drilling holesaw set contains everything the professional installer of porcelain tiles requires to deal with drilling of stone. A large chunky heavy duty case contains all tools. Its not hard to see why this box set is a firm favourite with professional installers. Containing a full range of diamond cores plus all the equipment required to use them efficiently. Fed up looking for the right one in your van. Why not make your life easy. The box set is fully laid out so that you have instant access to find the perfect core drill for your task. Use it, then put it back into the box. Check the price too. Now times it by the number of drills in this case. Plus you have the anti-slip guide plates included, the water cooling sponge (critical item) and a cleaning hook to remove the debris from each core drill. And of course you have the cost of the box and foam. No wonder this works out to such amazing value once you add up the cost of each component part. What is it used for? For Red Rawl plugs and small fixings….. For Brown Rawl plugs for heavy duty fixings…. M6 bolts with rawl plugs and microbore gas pipe. M8 bolts with larger rawl plugs. Snug fit for 15mm pipes. Oversized fit for 15mm pipes (Generous fit). Copper pipes exact fit. Tap holes small and 22mm copper pipes loose fit. Body Jets and smaller bore tap holes. Shower heads / shower rose. LED spotlights and lighting. Oversized for 32mm waste pipe. Oversided for basin wastes at 35mm with solvent weld. 40mm (ID) waste pipe for a bath or shower – Push Button flush. Push Button Toilet flush. Shower valves, Push button flush (large) Waste trap for showers. 12 x guide plates. Anti-slip plates to lock diamond cores to the tile surface. 1 x guide clamp for 115mm. Stainless Steel anti-slip clamp to guide the 115mm size drill. To remove (eject) the tile from inside the cores perfect on small sizes. To cool the diamond cores consistently and collect dust. 1 x heavy duty case. Bright yellow and easy to spot. Extremely durable tough shell case. INCLUDES FREE CLAMP FOR THE 115MM DRILL!! This size is perfect for the 4 inch stack waste pipe. How much would it cost. Plus you get the all the tools : The rugged box : The anti-slip guide plate The steel anti-slip clamp : The cleaning hook! This 3KG box really is the ultimate solution with 30 diamond cores in the most popular sizes and also now with and ever wider choice of sizes. Give yourself the best set on the market and grab it while you can at this price. Retailers are already asking us when we can supply so we wont hold onto this price forever. Included with the kit is our latest innovation the stainless steel push clamp for the 115mm. THIS LARGE BOX WEIGHS 3KG (ABOUT THE SAME AS THREE BAGS OF SUGAR). Every single diamond core drill plus some more is included in this set. As a company we are very used to providing small kits and packs ideal for installers who just wanted to tackle a few pipe sizes. But this kit gives you the freedom to access any size drill core and not have to wait. Whatever the job throws at you then you can be sure you have the perfect diamond core inside the case. Never have to wait about on jobs for stuff to arrive. At that price its a no brainer!! Yes I want one… We put a huge amount of stock into the case so that you never have to be worried or caught out. The bright yellow case is in the colours of construction so that you cant lose it. And it looks cool as well. Did you know we make everything IN ENGLAND. And we have selected the best foam for this set. Not many people get excited about foam! And we know that every part of this set is superior. Obviously you can tell just by looking at the picture but you can be sure UK craftsmen have spent time and love creating this selection box. Having a box is so handy because everything has its place. If a bit is missing then its obvious. Also its easy to grab and carry. And when its time to start drilling you want your equipment to be organised and to hand. The diamond cores are of exeptional quality and standards. Each has been tested by an independant UK company and approve stamped. We used a third party testing company so that retailers as well as installers can be sure of the results. VIDEO ON HOW TO USE CLAMP. The steel clamp non rust! Is perfect for the 115mm but we also punched out a couple of extras for you. There is a 6mm and an 8mm plus some other sizes so you can guide the diamond cores down with accurancy and create a sure start to the tile. INCLUDED FREE IN THIS SET!! Laid out and ready for work. This system is going to look after you for many many top end porcelain tile jobs. Just seeing the equipment you bring to the job gives your clients peace of mind that you have the right tools. That you are a credit to your profession, that you are a professional who invests in his time, his skills and his tools. Quality equipment made in England. 1 Anti-Slip Guide Plates : 2 Water Cooling Sponge : 3 Cleaning hook YOU DO NOT GET THE BATTERY DRILL! To start the hole push the anti-slip guide plate on the wall. Dip the tip of the drill into some water and that will be enough for you to get the hole started. Give it about 10 seconds of drilling until a pit forms. Now remove the anti-slip guide plate and put the soaking wet sponge under the core bit. To cool any of the drills use the handy sponge provided. Simply submerge the sponge in water (do not wring out) then push it against the rotating core bit. If you are on a wall and vertical then put the sponge underneath to catch all the debris. Easy way to do the job. If you are on the flat then simply drop a puddle of water onto the tile by squeezing the sponge. Finally – Insert the J-Hook (Its like a big toothpick) into the barrel of the 6mm or 8mm to eject any stubborn tile dirt or grit caught in the barrel – Easy! The item “Tile diamond hole core drill bits porsadrill set drilling porcelain 365 saw bit” is in sale since Saturday, June 28, 2014. This item is in the category “Business, Office & Industrial\Industrial Tools\Drilling Tools\Drill Bits”. The seller is “365drills” and is located in Hoddesdon (EN11 9DF). This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
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